Gabriella Canal is a documentary filmmaker and journalist living in Brooklyn. Inspired by her upbringing in a Colombian-American household, she produces stories rooted in identity and belonging with a focus on women’s voices. She also loves highlighting the efforts of those working to improve human lives and protect the environment. As a producer, she’s worked with The Atlantic, John Leguizamo’s NGL Studios and Insignia Films. Her independent work as a director, DP and editor has been featured by The Video Consortium, New York Women in Film and Television and the National Association of Latino Independent Producers. Her latest short documentary, "Seasons", about a matriarchal Korean family farm in New Jersey, published on The New Yorker. Her previous short documentary, “No Man’s Land,” about a lesbian separatist community in the rural American south, had its New York premiere at DOC NYC, and received the Audience Award for Best Short Film at The Florida Film Festival. In 2021, she graduated with honors in documentary filmmaking from Columbia University. She is a 2022 Pulitzer Center Fellow.

For as long as she can remember, she’s been her family’s archivist.

At countless dinner tables, she’s drawn inspiration from their complex histories in Spanish and English, making sense of her own identity. She loves that she can share a love of art and story with them, and for those reasons will shamelessly plug her brother here ( who’s an emerging film composer.